Welcome to Part 2 of the “protecting your computer from online threats” Be sure to read the Part 1 before this article.

Best Intermediate-Priced Antivirus: Norton Security

Basically, intermediate-priced Antivirus products are built on a foundation of the starter programs and then extra packages are added to them. Norton Security is an intermediate priced antivirus that offers a full-feature set including parental controls, spam filters and a firewall that is two-way to catch both incoming and outgoing data.

It is an impeccable antivirus that has excellent malware protection features and a clear, captivating interface. With it you can cover up to 5 devices irrespective of the operating system. There is also an option to acquire Norton Security with Backup that comes with secure online storage.

Best Premium Antivirus: Bitdefender Total Security 2015

This is the best top security product available. They are usually in packages called suites.  They go way beyond catching and preventing malware; they offer other services such as file encryption, ad blockers, secure online storage and password managers. They can cover multiple devices, but they cost more than standard antivirus protection.

Bitdefender Total Security 2015 combines remarkable malware protection with additional features including firewall, parental controls, spam blocker, encryption and secure cloud storage. It also has antitheft features for laptops and mobile devices. It has minimum impact on the performance of your system; in fact, through its OneClick Optimizer you can actually use it to speed up your system.

It is erroneous to think that you do not have to pay for antivirus software or that you do not need it entirely. If you desire total protection, go for the premium products.

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